Rant: On servicemen, snipers and the good of people serving

Yesterday I went to see American Sniper. Coming out of the theater I ran into a bunch of people shouting things like "cowards" or "soldiers are all killers". It both saddened and angered me in a deep way that very few people I think would understand.

You have people like Moore saying that snipers are cowards. Thank God this country still has people like Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer that is willing to stand for the veterans.

Now, I have been trying to keep this out of the blog, but I am so enraged I must say something about it.

We live in this wonderful country. A country where freedom reigns supreme. A country where everyone is welcome and any and all religions, beliefs and ways of life are accepted. A country of opportunity, good hearted people and incredibly beauty. This is also a country full on selfless and courageous people that chose to serve it in order to keep it, and the people in it, safe from fuckers like those that insist in bringing the world back to the middle ages. Yes, this is a country where people have the choice to serve or not. The few that chose the bigger call of serving the country they live in deserve not only admiration and respect, but all the help we can give them when they return home.

Having people in this country call servicemen cowards is beyond cowardice. In my eyes, they are the cowards. Serve, go downrange, see the real world, get out of your little protected bubbled - a bubble kept safe by these same brave men that chose to put their lives on hold in order to serve - and then see who is the coward.
Snipers... Yes, snipers are a God send. The keep watch over you while you try to get the terrorists. They keep you alive! Snipers have a very unique talent and they are incredible in saving lives. YES SAVING LIVES! Do you think it's easy? Do you think these heros have it easy? FUCK YOU! You have no idea.

It sickens me to see Americans call our veterans, our heros, cowards.

I know we live in a country where they can say whatever they damn please... But damn, I almost punched one of those assholes outside the movie theater yesterday.
Most people in this country don't know what's going on outside their small lives. That's good, we live in a country were we can afford that, but I think things would be different if everyone serve. Just one year. Give one year of your life to the country that is giving you so much.

Ah... I feel the rage coming up again... I think I will stop now before I throw the laptop out of the fucking window.

More to come.

note: excuse typos, I am too enranged to fix them.