It's been a while since we ranted about something and we always have something to rant about, there is plenty of bullshit out there.

Warning, if you are offended by the word "fuck" or if you are one of those stupid slow driver, stop reading now.


So, imagine you are driving after a long day of work. You want to just drive, go home, open a good cold strong, manly beer and relax with your favorite song.

Instead, you are stuck in traffic because the asshole 300 yards from you on a single lane road, doesn't go when it's green. And the fucker does it in every single light. By the time he moves, only 2 or 3 cars can go. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?
Green means go and if you are a fucking idiot on your phone texting or doing the facebook thing and you don't realize the light is green, well, you deserve to be castrated. You are wasting the time of at least 60 people. Time they will not get again because you are an fucking asshole that doesn't care or know how to drive.

Cars are very smart these days, how come there isn't any "anti-asshole" battling device built-in in every car? The car senses you are an asshole and you don't drive at speed limit? ZAP, your ass gets electrified, and I mean a lot of hurt. You don't drive 5 seconds after the green light is on? ZAP, your ass is on fucking fire. You are in between two lanes more than 10 seconds? ZAP, your hairy ass is in flames. You drive a fucking Volvo or Prius? Huh... Those cars woudln't have this, since you have to be a fucking idiot to drive one of those...

Anyway, this old lady was so pissed about this and in the next light, she got off the car, walked to the idiot in the front of the car line, the one keep us hostage to his idiocy, knocked on his window and when the guy rolled down the window, she smacked the shit out of the guy! GO lady, go! Man, it was an awessome thing to witness. We should all learn from that lady. SPECIALLY YOU, FUCKING IDIOT DRIVERS! Have some situational awareness or I will deploy the Old Lady From Hell on you!