Question from a reader

OL asked a question about the evolution of how we carry some of our gear.


I've noticed a change on how you prepare and carry your gear. It seems you're going lighter these days? Why? What made you do this?


In the Get Home Bag there were many things that were not needed. Now, look at the Get Home Bag Revisited...

The thing is, I'm always trying to do more with less. This translates to lighter load, which instead translates to better quality gear.
Frankly I was tired of seeing the stupid EDC posts where people were listing HUGE amounts of gear. For what? Anyway, I decided to go the other way, to get lighter and go with less gear. It has been working great.

Yes, I know... Two is one and one is none. True. In a combat zone, in a less than permissive environment. But on an everyday commute to work? Really? Carry all that? I mean... OK...

Anyway, that's the only answer I have. I believe in going light. Try to be agile when escaping the zombies while you are carrying all that crap in your pockets, backpack, extra pack and extra extra pack. Yes... The zombies... They are comming...

Yeah... I didn't think so.