This is why no more shirts

This is why no more shirts, and specially with Teespring.

A simple design, and like the last 4 times, they managed to screw it by lack of quality control.
The logo is WAY too big, it's not centered and it's askew.

I had a long phone call with their customer support and they assured me that 1) they were going to make sure these shirts (and the plan, execute and vanish) were printed correctly and 2) since they were very simple designs there was no reason for the tshirts not to be printed correctly.
Of course they gave me the blah blah about them growing as a business and having to find printing partners all over the country. I understand that, but this is your business, this is what you do. Failing to inspect the quality of your partners is, to me, like failing to inspect your own quality.

So, I'm done.

Here is what the original design looks like (in