So, the last rant was about coffee. Now it's time to talk a little about that other drink... Yes, beer.
If you are offended by the word fuck then leave now.

You have been warned.


During the past few days I was unfortunately subjected to an unspeakable and horrid - almost traumatic - experience: I had to drink cheap, light beer, repeatedly.

No... Sorry, not beer. Beer is good. This was something else. This was Bud Light, this was Miller Light, this was Coors Light, this was Busch Light... This was... This was... Yuengling!


I love beer. Moreover, I love a good, quality American-brewed beer. There is a long tradition of making great beer in this country... So, then, why? What happened? How come so many of the national beers are simply crap? Piss? Dirty water?
Where is the flavor? The body and color? Where are all the amazing things that is beer?

Oh yes... The MOAR mentality: More, bigger, cheaper...


I'm sure I will take a lot of heat from some hardcore fucking cheap piss drinkers, especially from the GRT community, but fuck! This needs to be said: That thing you are drinking is NOT beer.

Beer needs to be strong, with color and body, with a good smell and proper aftertaste. From the pale ales, into the lagers and all the way to the porters and stouts. Even the super hipster beers like those tripple IPAs that people like now, even those are years better than those cheap pieces of shit you drink.
There are lots of fantastic breweries in this country. They still brew traditional STRONG beers. None of that light crap. Beer has calories, deal with it. If you think you need less calories, well, stop eating the fucking burgers and deep fried chicken and start exercising more. Then enjoy a good beer with a good piece of meat. Beer is best when it's thick and dark, it has flavor and it feels good. Even in summers, when you go light (in color, not in flavor or calories) beers must, yes MUST, feel strong and full of body.

Give it a try. Instead of spending $5 in a six-pack of shit, spend once $12 in a good six-pack. You will see the difference. Oh, is it more expensive? Yes it is! You are paying for good craftmanship, for good water and good grains. You are paying for people caring about the beer they make. You are paying for a bottle, made out of glass, not cheap aluminum. BEER TASTES BETTER IN A GLASS OR OUT OF A GLASS BOTTLE. Try it.

Now, please do yourself a favor and leave all those cheap, piss-tasting cans aside and begin to enjoy life with a good beer.