Question from a reader

IW asked:

"Could you list the brands you guys like and the reasons for them?"


Hi, this is JD. I will try to answer the best I can.


We usually go with Arc'teryx, Patagonia for both technical and everyday clothing, and with TAD and Crye Precision for tactical clothing.
Arc'teryx and Patagonia make some of the best quality garments in the market today. Their attention to details and superior craftmanship mean that you have proper fitting clothing that can perform under the most adverse conditions and will do that every time. The same applies to TAD and Crye Precision. The innovation they bring to the saturated tactical clothing market is great. TAD makes simple clothing that can be worn both in an urban environment and on the field, while Crye modern looking garments ans kit provide the military and LE with some of the best kit out there.


We trust GORUCK with our backpacks (AKA rucks), Emerson Knives and Benchmade for our knives and tools, SureFire for our illumination tools, Ops-Core for our helmets (site is Flash intensive...), London Bridge Trading for our tactical kit, Asolo and Salomon for footware. Garmin and Suunto for GPS and navigation tools, Pinnacle Optics for night vision optics, Nikon for cameras and Motorola for comms.
The reason for each brand is the same as with the clothing: quality of materials and craftmanship, and we have field tested them. We have tried many brands and these are the ones that delivered time and time again.

Precision Instruments

When it comes to watches we go with Kobold, RESCO Instruments, Raven Watches and Tudor. Some of the team members also trust Suunto and the good old Casio G-Shock.
Have a trusted watch is key to a lot of what we do, from timing on operations, to knowing what time it is after 48 or 76 hours of hiding in a hole. A good mechanical watch will function and get the job done. The brands mentioned excell in the field. They are tough instruments.

Eye Wear

Oakley wins here. Altough Rudy Project is not far behind.
We work a lot outside, under different conditions and weather. Eye protection from the sun and glare is a must and these two brands provide bulletproof protection. They quality is impressive.


We trust ITS Tactical for their medical kits, and Hard Case, Law Industries and Vigilant Gear for SERE and survival gear.
The reasons are simple: their kit works. ITS Tactical's ETA Kit is a life saver and has been proven under the harshest of times.

There are more brands that we trust, but these are the ones that we usually go for everyday.
I hope this answered your question.