Question for the readers

Some really good friends of the blog (and serious people) are looking for a good Urban E&E course.
No, we are not talking about the many courses that are out there where they tie you, put a bag over your head and try to make you scared to show you how it is to be kidnapped. Or the courses done to "suvive the zombie apocalypse". No.
They are looking for a seious course where the different techniques for "blending in", "lock picking", "social engineering", "urban survival", "situational awareness", safehouses and stash... and other things are taught. How to survive in a non-permissive urban environment.

I'm going to send them to GORUCK Solutions but if any reader knows of a good school or instruction in the east coast (preferible in the north-east), please send the info via the contact page (which will be enabled for a few days for this ONLY).