I usually write reviews of gear and items that I like. I leave those that I don't like or find that don't live up to their hipe out of this section.

However, this time I HAVE to write this review.

I was looking for simple, customizable, iPhone case that was thin and durable enough for everyday.
I usually use the fantastic Magpul iPhone cases, but I wanted something a little thinner.
Searching a bit I came across Uncommon. Many people told me that their cases are good, durable and can be customized. So I gave this a try. I uploaded a picture, selected the case I wanted and pay a little over $40 (with shipping). Several days later the case arrived in my place.

It felt like cheap plastic that seemed to be printed while a 3 year old kid was moving the printer. The case felt that it would break if I drop it to the ground. The image was also WAY to shiny and the surface was so slippery that just placing the phone on a table with minimal force would make the phone slide.

I contacted their customer support and after the usual "thank you we will get back to you soon" automated email I waited several days until someone actually replied.

After some comings and goings and me sending them pictures and waiting for several more days, they decided to remake the case and send it to me. A week later I got the case.


So... What did they fix?

Now I have two crappy, cheap quality cases that I will throw in the trash.

The lost money by sending me a replacement that was equally crappy and I lost money because they will not accept returns.

Will I buy from them again?