In response to the message from "moose"

This is why I keep the blog alive, even after the countless idiots that write and the spam I receive daily. For people like SB.

Name: SB

Email Address:

Message: Hello,

That moose guy really pissed me off. After you posted his comment I decided to wait until the last day of the campaign and buy how ever many shirts needed to hit 100. luckily, when i checked in today you guys only needed 3, so I bought 4. I won't be able to make your event in Boston, but my thoughts are with the team and the families of the fallen.

Take care, thanks for the blog

My answer to him: a profound thank you from all involved and he is getting a Red Teams Patch as well - and some other goodies on the mail.

SB: thank you so very much again.

(Oh, here's the original message from mooose)