GORUCK War Stories and Free Beer

America fights wars for the last 13 years which means Americans fight wars for the last 13 years. And I love my generation and what’s not to love.

But what are the costs, what does it mean to serve in a time of war? Too soon the wars will be forgotten, abstracted in books with gray hairs reluctant to talk to anyone who didn’t serve.

Nobody understands it unless you were there… … and yet my goal, our goal at GORUCK is to build a bridge between the military and civilian worlds.

Here's Jason's War Story (click on the image to load the video). If you haven't been to one of this, check GORUCK for one near you. Veterans talk about their experience in an unique way. Money goes to a veterans organization and beer is free.

I spoke back in 2013 about my war story. If you want to hear it, it's coming soon to this blog.