Dumb | Shawn Blanc

The more I read about smartwatches, the more I appreciate my “dumb” watches.

These are the two watches I wear. The one on the left is a Tissot, and the one on the right a Seiko automatic. Most days I wear the Seiko.

Here is an exhaustive rundown of all the functionality of my watches: They tell the time of day (albeit they’re imprecise, and usually off by half a minute or so) and the date. The Seiko, being fancy, also tells the day of the week. And since neither watch knows what month it is, a few times per year I have to adjust the date forward from “29″ or “31″ to “1″.

That’s it.

Read Shawn's article. He has a point.

In my case, everyone knows that I am a watch guy. I love good, quality, mechanical watches. No, not quartz watches, purely mechanical. There is something so amazing about the perceived simplicity of mechanical watches and the fantastic complexity of the movements powering them.