Adapting a Military Comms Plan to Civilian Life for Brevity, Clarity and a Little Fun | ITS Tactical

There are certain terms and even non-verbal communication that will increase your ability to be concise, specific and deliberate in your day-to-day communication. Here’s a taste.

Copy All” – Do you ever get long emails with a lot of information, questions, concerns and opinions all wrapped up into one paragraph? Instead of commenting on every subject presented, you can simply send a return of “Copy All.” I like this because while it’s non-committal, it lets the other party know that you’ve read and understand all the material contained within the email.

“Wait One” – This means that you’ll reply in a bit. It can easily replace, “hang on a second,” or “I’ll get right back to you” and even “I see what you mean, let me check with the boss and get back to you with the answers you need.” It’s an extremely versatile way of saying what you mean in a way that won’t be misunderstood.

“Will Advise” – When someone asks you for information that you don’t have yet, you can easily respond with “will advise.” The implication is that you’ll let them know as soon as you’re made aware. This can, of course, be turned around to request information the moment it becomes available by simply saying, “please advise.” It works pretty well both ways.

“Check” – This is more or less the F-word of the SOF community.