A word about the gear in the blog

I've enabled the Contact page for the purpose of getting information about an urban E&E course. However, like always people take advantage of this and send me all kinds of things.
In the past 3 days I've received 11 messages from gear vendors asking me to feature their gear and links to their pages. Their reason for this? I quote: "Our gear is the best in the market and your red team can benefit from it".


Let me tell you a little bit about the gear we review here: it is gear we personally tested in the field and that we found that not only delivers on their promise, but it does so again and again.

We only feature gear we like, and very rarely you will see a post about a piece of gear that is bad. Most likely, if you see a post about a specific piece of gear, or gear featured on a picture it is because we like it. We used it and abused it.

So, how can I post a link to your gear if we haven't tested it? Furthermore, why would I believe that your gear is the "best of the best" when you can see that it is made in China?

Do you want your gear featured here? Sure, let us try it on the field. Do you want software or hardware featured here? Again, let us try it on the field.

Now, please do not send me any requests for gear review unless you are willing to let us try it.