A week with the iPhone 6

After a week with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8... Well, let's just say that if I could, I would go back to the 5s.

This review will be devided in two parts, the iPhone 6 review and iOS 8. Now, a little disclaimer: I love Apple products, both hardware and software, however I am so dissapointed of this phone and the latest OS that I was compelled to write a bad review. I never write bad reviews, if a piece of gear makes it to the blog is because it is great and we love it and we want everyone to try it. Yet, here it is, a bad review.

Up until a week ago I had two phones, a dying iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5s. One personal and one for work (the reasons for this is simple: unless I am at work, I don't want work to be with me, so I separated the phones).
It was time to upgrade that dying iPhone 5 and after hearing the rumors that the next iPhone was going to be bigger in size than the 5 or 5s, I was hoping that Apple would at least leave one model with the size of the 5, which in my opinion is the perfect size for a smartphone. Then Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and I saw the size of the phone... Is that an iPad Mini? No.. It's the iPhone 6.
You know... Until Steve Jobs passed, Apple couldn't care less about what the rest of the market was doing. Since he's gone away... Well, Apple is trying to make its products look and feel like the cheap, crappy Android phones and the useless Windows phones. Why? I don't know.

Anyway. I figured if I was going to invest on a new phone for the next two years (as per the contract) I was going to get the latest. So I bought an iPhone 6. The 6 Plus was simply stupidly big.

Now, out of the box it looks and feels cheap. The glass feels like cheap acrylic or platic. The form of the phones remind me of a toy phone and it feels like it would snap in two if you hold it very tightly.

The phone came scratched. It's a very shallow scratch that runs from the bottom part of the screen to the middle of it, from left to right, and unless you search for it you will not see it. However, as I was setting up the phone the sun managed to hit the right spot and I saw it. I went to the Apple Store immediately. Their answer: "Well Sir, this is a cosmetic problem and not covered by the warranty. We can replace the phone for a new one but you will have to pay for it". So, new phone, out to the box scratched. I payed good money for it and on top I also added Apple Care and they will not replace the phone for free when it's not even a few hours old? WTF? So, I have now a new phone that is scratched.

The supposedly seamless glass/metal part is not so seamless. Every time I speak on the phone it catches my beard and it pulls my hair. I spend every day a few minutes plucking the phone of my little facial hair, lint from the poket and other crap. WTF?

Size. What's the reason for a phone to be THIS big? My hands are normal, not small nor big. I cannot type or reach all controls with one hand any more. When I am on the field doing recon or whatever, I sometimes need to take pictures with one hand, write a quick note with one hands, open or close apps with one hand... Not anymore. And even with the little double-tap on the home button to bring the top part of the screen down feature... The idea that you have to code this feature should show you how the form factor of this phone is flawed.

The phone feels cheaply made. It feels like you can break it in two with no effort at all. The back of the phone is so slick, so slippery that even when you don't want to, the phone slides out of the hands with the potential for falling and crashing.
The camera lens now protudes, so the phone won't even lie flat.

I've noticed that the phone drops considerably more calls than the 5s and the quality of the sound is not all that good, as promised by the Apple presentation.

Charge lasts OK so far, but I expect this to diminish rapidly. I don't have a lot of faith in what they did with this hardware. Sure, the new chips seems to be über fast, but nothing else is impressing me.

In short, I wish Apple could have made a 6 with the size of the 5s and a different form factor.
Oh, yes, I tried to return it and get a 5s, and Apple said: "Sure, pay $79 and you can exchange it".


Alright, now onto the iOS 8.

Generally speaking there is not much differece between iOS 7 and 8, howerver the subtle differences and the change in some of the default apps make it something I am trully beginning to despise.

For example, the new keyboard with the "suggested" words. It makes it impossible to write if you close that part of the keyboard (as I did since it was suggesting words that didn't make sense), the fuking litte mike key for dictation is always in the middle and you hit that accidentally all the time. Try to write a covert message silently and get that fucking thing beep when you hit it. And there is no way to disable it and it will be even when the phone is set to silent.
Or Photos. I use Photos ALL the time, I magage the recon shots I take with the iPhone. Now in order to see all your photos you have to use that crappy collection look, where the photos are grouped by date or location? So small that you can't see anything. The normnal view only shows you the recent photos. There are ways around this but it's a pain.
Or the browser... While in portrait mode, the controls are at the bottom, switch to landscape and the controls are on top... You try to go to the bottom to close a tab, but no... You have to remember that they are on top.. And you cannot reach it with one hand. Same in portrait, you want to hit the little, tiny x at the top left to close the current tab, and you can't do it with one hand.

I am a big fan of iOS, it's a powerful OS, it makes since since it was introduced back in 2007 (?), I've wrriten apps for and even with the new flat interface introduced with iOS 7 (making it look like that horrid Windows 8 for cellphones), I still think it's a great OS for a smartphone, definately more responsive and better designed than Android (that thing is horrible, I had to support my wife for two years with an Adroid phone... Gosh... The pain), yet iOS 8 is bugging me beyond belief, on daily basis.

So, overall both hardware and software suck. And now I am stuck with it for 2 years.
I hope Apple releases a new phone next year and gives the choice to have a small normal phone and a gigantic bullshit phone for the people that love walking around with an iPad in their pockets.