A message from a hmmmm, I mean, a reader

I'm sure I will take fire for this, but I hate it when people speake their "peace" from an anonymous standpoint. Come out and say who you are.

This reader sent me the following message after we lowered the goal from the TF Umbra Tshirt Fundraising from 100 to 65, so we can make the cut.

Name: A Moose II

Email Address: Amos@redteams.net

Message: So you lowered your goal?!?! It's cool that it will be met and all but that is really disappointing to me. I got the message: instead of stepping up you decided to lower your expectations. That is not cool nor what I would have expected of you guys. Two guys with families died. This isn't about getting a cool shirt (which it is) but those families. You could have identified and red-teamed whatever interfered with meeting the 100 shirt goal. This is intended as constructive feedback along the likes I imagine it is your job to give. I hope whoever reads this shares this feedback openly in whatever kind of team meetings you have and discuss my point. No offense is intended. The t-shirt is cool and the cause is quite worthy. I could have worn mine with more pride if you had decided to step up the campaign rather than lower the limit. For future missions, like this one or any other, continue to set high goals and do your best to meet them. Never ever again just essentially give up. I have said my peace. Thank you.

First of all, thank you for expressing your opinion. It's always welcome. HOWEVER, when you decide to express it as "anonymous" you lost ALL credibility with us.

Not that I need to justify what we do, but after "stepping up" the efforts in the past week and having seen that there were not enough people willing to donate this way, we decided to at least get those that did donate their shirts and send the money to the families.
Now, this is NOT the only fundrasing we are doing. We have a bigger, more important one underway but only for the Military and Law Enforcement. This effort includes a gathering in the Boston area that will be announced soon, for those of you that want to come and celebrate the lives of these two fantastic people with a good Guinness.

So, a few points: first, if you are going to demand something from us, at least tell who you are and where to reach so we woulndn't have to publish this on a post for all to see. Second, if you feel it is disgraceful for you to wear that shirt, you are of course welcome to return it. Talk to TeeSpring, they are good folks. And third, how about you put your money where your mouth is and buy the extra 40 shirts then? That would show us, show ALL the readers, how a man of action actually operates.

Now, I HAVE said my peace.