Tudor Pelagos

For the longest time I craved one of those vintage Tudor Submariners. I just couldn't find one that I could afford since I was looking for a specific model and that had the original papers with it. You can see a great collection of vintage Tudor and Rolex at the anual UDT/SEAL reunion. Old warriors, and yong too, showing their battle-tested watches.

Vintage Tudor Submariners

Tudor watches are made by Rolex. The Submariners is essentially the same watch as the Rolex Submariner, but without the in-house movement. Tudors use ETA movements. You can read the history of Tudor at Hodinkee.

Last year Tudor came out with a whole different watch on his diver's collection. The Pelagos.

Tudor Pelagos

The minute I saw this watch I knew I wanted it.

The Pelagos is a full Titanium watch, the first one that Rolex makes in this material. Case and bracelet are brushed to give a really classy finish. However, this watch was made to be abused. It's a tool watch.

I believe in quality. I believe that with proper care quality instruments will last a life time, and more.

So, with that in mind, I sold a vintage watch I had and bought one. These are not available in the US so I had to search, but I found one.

My Pelagos next to the Red Teams patch

The watch has been with me during hikes, ice climbing trips, ops, on black tie parties and everywhere in between. It adapts and it performs. It's a great watch.

Here are some more pictures.

And a video showing the ingenious clasp. The only one of its kind.

More information here.