The "Go-Bag"

I'm not much of a believer on the whole bugout bag (BOB) concept. The idea of having so much gear on a huge backpack or duffle bag is ridiculous to me. You won't be able to move properly and if the shit hits the fan you want to be nimble and agile. A BOB most likely will slow you down, based on experience. Also, what good is it if it sits in your house and you don't have access to it?

I've talked about my get home bag (GHB) already but since several readers asked if I had a go bag I thought I post about it.

First, what is a go-bag. The purpose of a go-bag is that when the shit does hit the fan, you can grab this bag and pretty much have what you need - we are talking bare essentials only - to get the hell out of the area.
This is similar to what I showed you on the GHB article, however it's geared toward being either on 1) a non-permissive environment or 2) when an emergency hits and you have no time to go home and get what you need.

I have two go-bags always ready. One in the car for the "shit hit the fan and I must now run from the bad guys" situation, and another one at home with essential for an emergency trip or an emergency that still allows me to get home and get some stuff.

Go-bag 1

The one in the car is more of a simplification of the GHB presented above. It contains very little, like you know I like to go light.

In a GORUCK GR Echo I have:

  • Urban SERE Kit and Mini Trauma Kit
  • Flashlight and knife
  • Pen and notepad (with phone numbers of embassies in main cities around the world)
  • Duct Tape
  • 550 para cord
  • Flint, signal mirror and compass
  • Water purification tablets and energy gel (Gu)
  • A mini scope
  • Money and prepaid phone cards
  • Burn phone
  • Maps of several areas where I can hide

It's all very light. You can grab this bag and run.

It looks similar to this, minus the charger and earphones:

Go-bag 2

The one at home is a bit more complex. I use this bag when I have an emergency trip. Something like when someone calls you and tell you that something bad happened and they need your help now. You just go home, grab this bag and rush to them.

In a GORUCK GR1 I have:

  • My passport
  • Change of cloth: underwear, socks, simple khakis, tshirt and a light fleece.
  • Sun glasses
  • Minimal toiletries: deodorant, toothbrush and tooth paste.
  • Charger for my phone and laptop
  • Cash and prepaid credit cards
  • Knife (optional if I'm flying) and flashlight
  • Pen and notepad (with phone numbers of embassies in main cities around the world)
  • Urban entry kit (optional if I'm flying)
  • Water purification tablets and energy gel (Gu)
  • Self addressed and stamped empty envelops (in case I need to send myself something)

It looks something like:

That's it. My go-bags.

What's in yours?