The "Capability Bag"

I recently had an interesting mail from an old buddy. He and I served together for a few years and he wanted to comment on the Go Bag post I wrote in September. He brought up something we used to have, a Capability Bag.

Essentially this bag or kit would be selected for whatever environment we needed it, but the main purpose was to provide us with items that were otherwise unavailable to us on-site. It would be waiting for us when we arrived and would served as both Go Bag and Bugout Bag. In its most basic form it would contain:

  • Local cash
  • Local credit or debit card
  • Burner SIM cards and/or cell phones
  • Entry kit with multitool and at least lock picking gear
  • Electronic gear (small devices like comms)
  • A knife and sometimes a fire weapon
  • IR strobe
  • A night capable monocular
  • A small digital camera
  • A small trauma kit

It was a nice thing to have on less than permissible environments.

I wonder if we can adapt this to red teaming, both physical and digital. What would we place there as default?

What do you guys think? Let's see your ideas. Whoever comes up with the best, he or she gets a Red Teams patch.

Send it!