Ruck more if you want to pass GORUCK selection

Several people asked me about physical training... I am not expert, however I can tell you something: ruck.

Jason, the founder and owner of GORUCK and former Army Special Forces, just posted his thoughts about training for the GORUCK Selection. Go check that out. Then follow GORUCK Training page.

Put the miles in. It’s vital and nobody who ever quits Selection says that they rucked too much in their train-up. In fact the opposite. So don’t use the fear of over-training as an excuse to do less work. Not getting injured is important and you have to know your own body to know when to back off a little here and there. But to take on a serious event like Selection you have to put in serious miles and do serious work. There are no shortcuts.

GORUCK Selection could go 100 miles or 200 or 300 in 48+ hours. Not really but you get the point – plan for the worst because it will over deliver on the suck factor. If you can’t accept that mentally or physically, you’re not ready. Your shoulders, back, joints, and feet have to be ready for catastrophic abuse – not to mention your mind, which is the only part of your body that will formulate the words ‘I quit.’ The good news is that you can train your body to be stronger and more prepared. And in that process, you’re training your mind to be stronger, too.