My take on the whole EDC thing...

A few days ago a reader asked me for an opinion on the current every-day carry (EDC) crazy.
Well, I believe in being prepared and having the right tools, however what people call EDC these days is sometimes borderline ridiculous, in my opinion.

I've seen pocket dumps where the owner displays: 3 knives, 2 pens, a big notebook, huge amounts of little gadgets all in a keychain, a gun, 3 magazines for that gun, 2 flashlights (one full size and one micro), watch, a wallet the size of a bowling ball with extra gear inside and sunglasses.


How do you get all that in your pockets? And are you walking with your pants constantly falling? Do you really use 3 knives? Everyday? Do you really use each and every little gadget on that huge keychain you are carrying everywhere? Every day? ALL THE TIME?

Maybe I am missing something here. I don't know...

I believe in having the right tools, but I also believe in having the right tools. That means going light, that means having the gear needed and nothing more (check my Get Home Bag for an example). This means relying on your brain. Sure, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I got that. That holds very true if you are on deployment, a critical climb, whatever, but on everyday activities? In your pockets? Really?

This is what I have in my pockets, right now (sorry for the low quality picture).

I am in my office... Do I need a night vision scope now? No. So, why carry it. Do I use a knife everyday? Yes, pretty much every day, hence I carry one. Do I need a notepad and pen? Sometimes. So it's not in my pockets, it's in my backpack.

At some point you have to decide if all that loadout you are carrying is worth anything. Do you need a pry bar? Wouldn't a knife, that you are already carrying, provide you with the same functionality?

Oh, and please don't preach about the zombie apocalypse. If the zombies come, your little EDC will not save you.

I probably pissed the whole EDC community here, but this is what I think and as always, I speak my mind.

Sorry EDC'ers.