ITS Tactical Trauma Kit Options and Walkthrough

One of the most important items someone working on a non-permissive environment has to carry is a good trauma kit.
This is not a first aid kit in the common sense of the word. This is a medical kit designed to save lives: bleeding, airways obstructions and torso problems. You need to be trained to use it, but it can save you or your buddy's life.

ITS Tactical has a great trauma kit. The ETA Trauma Kit. They also have a fantastic pouch they designed with Haley Strategic and Zulu Nylon Gear. The combination of both gives you a lightweight, easy to carry, easy to deploy personal trauma kit.

Here's a video of Bryan speaking about the different options of both the kit and the pouches.

I carry one on my ruck when I'm out on the field and on the car as well.

Go check it out. This kit is currently being used downrange by some of our best SOF units.