ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag

The ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger is one of the best thought-out pieces of gear I've seem in a long time.

This is not your classic messenger bag. This is a bag that will serve you on your urban commute or while on ops downrange.

The bag can be customized by adding or removing pockets, inserts and slings. ITS has a collection of add-ons for this bag:

This bag can serve as holder for your go-bag, as a trauma pack for your car or home, as an urban commuter for books, as a tactical bag with magazines and armor. The uses are enless. I like that. It adapts to the situation, somethig that goes great with the Red Team Mindset.

Here's Bryan giving a very thorough walk through of the evry feature.

The Discreet Messenger Bag is overall a great solution for many thing. Go check ITS Tactical for more great things.

Highly recommended.