Sometimes the bigger a ruck the more you fill it with things that you don't need. When I need very little gear and I want to make sure I remain nimble, I use the GORUCK GR Echo.

I've already written a lot about GORUCK gear, however I'd like to say this again: GORUCK makes great gear right here in the United States. Their rucks and packs are tough, simple, built for the long run and have a lifetime guarrantee.

GORUCK GR Echo. Like all GR rucks, it opens flat, allowing for great organization and access to all your gear.

The Echo shares most of the features its big brothers (GR1 and GR2) have, however this is a small pack, 16 liters. It will not fit everyone. Check GORUCK for a size comparison.
The laptop compartment can hold securly a 13' MacBook and the main compartment is big enough for the essentials: small entry gear and a rain jacket. Also, you can attach a pouch to the ouside or inside of the ruck using the MOLLE webbing. GORUCK makes its own pouches, and a Radio Ruck Field Pocket will fit this ruck perfectly.

Here you have some more pictures showing the different features. Next review: GORUCK GR1.