Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives primarily manufactures tactical folding knives with a focus on usability and durability. These knives are among the toughest knives out there. Ernest Emerson makes tactical knives used by SOF units the world over and were tested in the field in some of the nastiest places.

These knives were recommended to me originially by two NSW friends of mine. They both agreed that I should get an Emerson, but they couldn't decide on the model: one liked the Commander and the other the CQC-7. So initially I bought Two.

I went with the Micro Commander, the smallest of the Commanders, because I wanted something that was small to carry on my pocket but still tough enough to attack some of the stuff I needed to cut.

Micro Commander

And I also bought a CQC-7 full size. The CQC-7 is a direct descendant from the famed CQC-6 hand-made by Emerson. Both feature a tanto blade and are great defensive tools.


Custom made CQC-6

Well, I liked the CQC-7 so much that after a while I bought a Mini CQC-7. Smaller and great for carrying everywhere.

Mini CQC-7

After about a year of hard use, where I learned to trust these knives, I decided to try also the CQC-15, based on a recommendation of a former SF friend. The CQC-15 combines features from the Commander line and the CQC-7 line making it a very versitile knife. It is a great addition to my kit.


Today most Emersons are production, however Emerson still makes the highly sought out custom handmade knives. The CQC-6, CQC-5, CQC-7 and Horseman are some of the models that can be found. The waiting time for custom made knives is about 2.5 years now, maybe more. You can find 2nd hand customs on the market, but they for over $3000. Emerson also handmakes knives during the holidays to raise money for charity. These knives sell sometimes for over $15,000.

Emerson working on custom knives

Check Nutnfancy interview with Emerson on Shot Show 2012. Emerson talkes about his philosophy, models, etc.

Enjoy some more pictures.