Red Teams Book

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Table of contents


- what is a red team
- what this book is and is not


- the mindset
- the adversary

The Team

- less is more
- who is a Red Teamer?
- stay lean
- embrace contraints


- on planning
- problem solving
- acting like the enemy
- becoming the enemy

Using a Red Team

- scope
- different actors for different environments
- learning and adapting
- military vs civilian worlds


- when to plan and when to act
- make it asymmetrical, advantage stacking
- from idea to plan to action to reporting
- the lab
- the real world

The human aspects

- playing the enemy
- training
- when is enough?
- dealing with stress
- small team tactics

Running a Team

- who is the Red Team leader?
- when is the Red Team leader?
- actions, not words
- leading and following
- meetings? really?

Designing the Team

- hiring
- who will make the cut?
- testing the candidates

Dry Run

- practice, practice and practice some more
- prioritize and execute
- cover and move
- decentralized command
- go for it

Supporting SOF

- red teaming and SOF
- the future
- mission and purpose
- then what?


- pain
- simplicity
- war