Playing the Hunch: Red Teaming and Intuition | Red Team Journal

Intuition is something we don’t talk enough about in the red teaming world, yet it’s among the most important skills the superior red teamer possesses.

Actually, we do talk of intuition quite a bit here. There's a rule for this as well.
Over time we've talked about the need for adapting, for being fluid and having a light-weight plan that can be changed on the fly once you are on the field, or the project started. A lot of this has to do with intuition, with sensing what's going on.
Trying to perform on a rigid I know it all team will not work. You need to leave room for imagination, for ridiculous thinking, for intuition. I like Mark's remarks at the end:

I know experienced red teamers who lack meaningful intuition and novice red teamers who exhibit it in spades. What’s the difference? The red teamer who forces facts and observations into a preexisting, unbendable model of how things work gains the ability to speak confidently (and often falsely) about the world but forfeits a good portion of intuition. The red teamer who listens, adjusts, and adapts leaves room for intuition to grow. It’s the difference between hedgehogs and foxes; unhealthy ego kills intuition.