The Driving Experiment

First of all, this post is not about Red Teaming. It's not about security or anything related to it. This is a post about a little experiment we did to prove the fact that Volvo drivers are the worst and the fault lies on the car. The results are not surprising.

It's long known that we don't like Volvo drivers. It's also a known fact that this is not just us, it's a world-wide phenomenon that goes as far back as the early 1970s. If you Google it, you'll see. Even the Urban Dictionary has an entry.
In this test we wanted to prove what we already knew. So, we took JS, a very efficient and aggressive driver, and we gave him a volvo for 10 days. No, we didn't give him one of those horrible 1980s boxy Volvos. No. We gave him a modern volvo. Sporty, looking good and fast.

Yes... right..

We wanted to test the driver in the following scenarios:

  1. City driving patterns (general)
  2. Highway driving patterns (general)
  3. Driving in traffic conditions (either in cities or highways)
  4. Blending into traffic
  5. Turning into a road with oncoming traffic
  6. Specific speed limits test (what was the average)
  7. Parking
  8. Traffic light and traffic signs patterns
  9. Interstate driving (or, can the driver adapt to the different driving patterns of 4 different states)
  10. Situational awareness
  11. Music prefenence
  12. Stress test (the fun one)

These tests were conducted over a period of 10 days. JS, like mentioned previously, is a very aggressive and fast driver (he drives currently an Audi RS5) and his favorite music for the road is either AC/DC or Pantera.

With this in mind, stay tuned for the result...