Some people don't get it - Helping veterans

Last weekend, as I was coming out of the supermarket, an old pickup truck's exhaust "back fired". You know, the boom sound. Given where we were, an open space with some walls and pockets of snow, it sounded like .50 being fired. The echo moved the sound around making it sound like you we in the mountains. You know the sound and the effect.

A couple of years back, the same happened and I dove for the ground. This time I just froze for a second, taking in the fact that I was on a supermarket parking lot and not a battlefield.
However, a few feet away from me, a person, a young guy, took a knee by his car and began moving his head from side to side. I saw his eyes, they were big and focused. I knew that look and I knew the feeling.

I calmly walked to him and said: Hey brother, are you ok?
He just looked at me and after a few moments regained his posture. Standing up, he answered: Yes. Thank you. It was a reaction, sorry.

I told him I used to have the same reactions. I asked him if he needed anything, or if I can invite him for a coffee (there was a Cafe next to the supermarket). He just smiled and said thank you. We shook hands and as I began walking to my car I heard these 2 kids, teenagers, just laugh at the guy for what he did. It made my blood boil.
I had a similar situation 2 years ago, when I dove for the ground and this guy called me stupid for believing it was a firearm being fired.

Some people don't get it. Some people are so protected from the real world that don't get it. Some people don't realize the sacrifices that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines make and the dangers they are exposed to (both physical and mental) so these 2 asshole kids can have a great way of life.

Please, please, try to think of the veterans returning home. They come back from a very dangerous place. A place where even a pile of dirt can kill you. A place where the enemy looks like an innocent civilian. Try to understand them, try to help them. Just a simple "thanks" is good. Let's them know we have their backs here at home. Let them know that what they did was for a good cause.