There Is No Spoon | Mark Webb

This post is not about Red Teaming, although you will find the right mindset in it. This post is about enduring. It's about continuing forward.

More than a week ago, a good friend was on an accident. A GORUCK Tough like me and many readers of this blog, his words are an inspiration.

Fear is a wonderful thing, designed to protect us from risky scenarios, from danger. Sometimes we seek fear, with high adrenaline sports, theme park rides or horror movies. Sometimes fear seeks us… that moment we suddenly realize all the traffic on the highway is stopped and we need to suddenly brake, or we forget something important at work and need to rush to a deadline.

Eight days ago from the writing of this post I should have been scared. Somehow I wasn’t. I was decelerating on my motorcycle in readiness for a merge a few hundred yards away when, without warning, a cage (motorcycle term for car) turned left in front of me, blocking my way, with mere feet to play with. Fear sought me.