The three rules of Special Forces

Everyone knows the Three Rules of Special Forces (more here).

  1. Always look cool.
  2. Never get lost.
  3. If you get lost, look cool.

But do you know what they actually mean? Here's Jason (founder of GORUCK and a veteran of the 10th Group Special Forces) explanation:

  1. Look Cool - Most people think that it’s about how you look, and it is. But it’s much more that that. It means when “…Hell descends down on you….slow it down…and be cool. When shot’s are being fired, don’t lose your mind, don’t lose control….just be cool.”

  2. Never Get Lost – Be confident, be smart, learn your trade. Whatever your job is, be skilled at it. If it’s Land Navigation, then learn EVERYTHING there is about Land Navigation. Be passionate about what you do.

  3. When You Get Lost / Look Cool – “Simply means this, when the world descends upon you, and it will…Look Cool. You need to look cool because inside you’re not going to feel cool. It’s much easier to take control of a situation and the folks around you when you “look cool”.