The Red (Team) Analysis Society

I was looking for some information the other day when I ran into this web site: The Red (Team) Analysis Society.

The Red (Team) Analysis Society is a think tank devoted to anticipatory intelligence and strategic foresight and warning for world affairs. It is a non-partisan, non-profit research organization. It benefits from the guidance of an Advisory Council.

What really caught my attention was this:

The name Red (Team) Analysis is inspired by Red Team activity or Red Teaming, used initially in the U.S. Army to simulate the activity of opponents in war-gaming or strategic simulations. By extension, Red (Team) Analysis aims at promoting a strategic foresight analysis grounded in science that struggles against our many cognitive, normative and emotional biases through various tools and methodologies, including not being limited by “politically correct” approaches.

I liked this.

There are some really interesting articles there.
Worth checking.