The Death of Red Teaming? | Red Team Journal

Let’s face it, the challenge is only growing, yet we’re seeing hints that the art is becoming stagnant. It’s time to ask ourselves some tough questions. It’s time to red team red teaming and push the practice forward. It’s time to engage and educate senior decision makers and offer them a fresh suite of ideas and tools.

No, red teaming’s not dead yet — not on our watch.

No, it's not dead and while this blog and my team are still active, it will not only be alive, but thrive.
We have been working hard to make people, both civilians and military alike, aware of red teaming and what it can do for your plans, your security, your vision and everything in between. We have merged several types of red teaming into a solution that provides a comprehensive view security. Of course, security managers and COs don't always get red teaming and we need to take the time to explain this to them.

No, Red Teaming is not dead. Not on my watch.