Slippery Risk: Some Thoughts on Risk from a Red Teamer’s Perspective | Red Team Journal

Why should red teamers care about risk? Risk is ubiquitous. We face it every day, even when we leave work and take off our professional hats. (Every mom and dad knows about the risks associated with letting children go to bed without first picking up their Lego.) Risk estimates drive decisions, good and bad. Red teaming can help inform inputs to a risk equation, and red teamers are basically asked to estimate risks from the perspective of an adversary or competitor.
In this post I ask and answer five questions regarding risk from the perspective of a red teamer. If you’re looking for an academic review of risk and red teaming, this isn’t it. In fact, I don’t even fully answer most of the questions I raise.1 Why not? The risk community as a whole is still struggling with many of these issues. As I discuss below, however, simply acknowledging them is an important first step.

I would add 1 more question to this: When does risk become something we should put on the back of our minds?