Red Teaming: It’s Not Just for Security Anymore | Red Team Journal

Red teaming is the practice of viewing a problem from an adversary or competitor’s perspective.1 For most businesses, it surfaces as a method of enhancing cybersecurity (and so it is), but it’s potentially much more. After all, the practice itself is agnostic; a business can aim it at just about any issue, from cybersecurity to proposals to strategic plans to competitive analysis–each is worth a second look from the red teamer’s critical eye.

Yes, today Red Teaming is so much more and can be apply to almost anything that entails decision making, from critical thoughts to tactical planning to every aspect of a plan.
The majority of the people in charge fail to see this. Red Teaming can benefit not only security and its siblings (safety, well-being and assurance) but also it can provide hands-on valuable lessons on what's coming next, what's around the corner, helping make plans, decisions and overall strategy better focused.