The Problem Solvers

Red Teaming is commonly thought as a thinking like the enemy or thinking like an adversary activity. However, a good Red Team is much more than that.
Fist of all, an experienced Red Team is not only a team that thinks like the enemy, no, the team acts like a thinking enemy. There is a big difference. Playing the role of a smart adversary will help challenging planning assumptions, take a view into alternatives and ideas and provide unconventional views on problems and their solutions.

Red Teaming as an ativity can provide problem solving.

 Image from  The Activity

Image from The Activity

"Red Team members ask questions to understand decision issues and to gain a “sense of self” from alternative outside-in views while thinking within the constructs of the cultures they are examining to identify the problem and arrive at a better solution from the opponents perspective"

-- Small Wars Journal: Enhancing Red Team Performance: Driving Measurable Value and Quality Outcomes with Process Improvement