Night Ops and the Bar - A Red Team Meetup

So, as part of our fundraising we are organizing a meetup for beers in the Boston area. It will be sometime in the last week of September or first week of October. I'll post the date, time and location next week.
During the meetup, each beer bought will be matched with a $20 donation from a trusted party, a good friend of the Team. So, everyone is invited to come and drink a good beer. Just by doing that you are helping.

Of course, if anyone else want to donate, everything is welcome. I'll match $1 per $1 donated at the bar as well.

Now, as a way to also have fun, I'll post soon a small challenge, whoever solves it first (and sends me a message with the answer) gets a Red Teams Patch. The second gets a set of Red Teams Dead cards. The only caveat is that these people need to come to the bar. Only attending people get the prizes.

So, keep your eyes open for more information. I'll be there, and so is the Team, but the Team members will not reveal themselves. You will have to find who's who. If you discover them, you'll also get a Red Teams Patch. The Team members will be in and out of the bar, performing surveillance on you guys. If they see something they think it's funny... well, funny things might happen. It depends.

So, a night of beers, red teaming, security, gear and geek stuff conversations to help two families. Would you do it?

Oh, and any GRTs coming, I expect you guys to lead the way. You know how.

Stand by for the warning order.