Multiboot USB and Secure Mobile Computing | Redacted Medic

The following directions will show how to get a multipartition USB with a secure desktop and room for additional operating systems on a Windows OS. You can however use the USB, once done, on any system; even a mac with no need for rEFIt. Ideally this would fit the need for a Red Team to have access to systems such as Kali Linux while also being able to have a secure non-persistant C2 system for reachback. To create the latter environment, we’ll use the Air Force Research Laboratory Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) OS.

"This is a Linux based OS developed for telecommuting. It comes preloaded with; a Linux operating system, Firefox web browser with Java, Flash, and middleware to use smart cards like the DoD’s Common Access Card (CAC) and the US Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, SPI’s Encryption Wizard, PDF viewer, file browser, text editor, image viewer, Remote Desktop Software (Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware), SSH client, and the ability to use USB drives (memory sticks or hard drives)."

This is an article written by a long time reader of Red Teams. The USB drive with a good multiboot OS is a perfect thing to have on your digital kit.