Introducing Guerrilla Red Team

We are lucky to have met a lot of really cool people during the past few years. Special operations, law enforcement, blue teams, hackers, emergency response teams, and many more.
These guys have a lot of cool stories, some of them we were part of as well. And they want to tell those stories.

So, in a few days we'll be launching a new part of the blog that we began calling Guerrilla Red Team. The name, like most names, just came out during a discussion and well, it stuck.

This part of the blog will have stories from other red teamers, security teams, military units and law enforcement where either our Red Team was involved or the main story includes a Red Team or Red Teaming.

Now, we also want to hear from you. If you have a Red Teaming story, please send it. Please sanitize it, any OPSEC violation will trash the story. If you want to send along a picture with it, wait until we reply to you and attach it to the email.
What can you send? Any personal story recounting your Red Teaming experiences, or experiences with a Red Team.

So, while we compile some of the stories from our friends, send yours.