Trek takes you on a 3-day adventure into the world of spies. After learning essential spycraft and mission planning skills, you enter GORUCK’s Alternate Reality Environment (ARE) to complete a ‘top secret’ mission. Our Cadre design unique ARE scenarios in various locations based upon their undercover and combat experiences serving the nation at home and abroad. You will never look at the world in the same way after Trek. Come down the rabbit hole with us and see things you never knew were happening around you.

I've took part of Trek and I don't talk about it, it should remain in the shadows.

GORUCK Trek Cadre will open your eyes and make your situational awareness spike.

And who knows... If you look hard, you might see me there... The Red Team Mindset is part of trek...


Casing a site during Trek Philly.

My ruck with the patch that the folks at Trek Boston did. There is a story behind “El Desaparecido” but, like everything on Trek, you’ll have to go through one to know.