Fundraising and a little something

So, we are meeting in Boston as part of the fundraising.

Now, to make this more interesting and maybe raise a little more, I decided to place my Kobold Phantom Tactical on rotation for the fundraising. Since we can't use PayPal for this, I opened a donation page. This is an informal sort-of-raffle. You can donate whatever you want, from $1 to whatever. On the day of the meetup I'll pick the winner and if that person comes to the meetup I'll give him my watch and a patch. Otherwise I'll ship the watch and the patch (sorry I cannot ship to certain countries, please contact me if you are outside the US).
The catch: I wrote a little script that will take the amount of money each person donates and transform this into a simulated number of tickets. The more you donate, the more tickets you have and a bigger chance to win.

The target is set to $4000 because that's the approximate number needed to cover the school needs for the two families.

So, please feel free to visit the donation page.

Thank you and see you in Boston.

Oh, and don't forget the challenge (at the end of the OPORD).