Expecting too much

This is a small rant about how sometimes businesses just don't get it and they fail to deliver. You can stop reading if you are not interested in this.


Last week I asked in Twitter and in other places if anyone knew a good logo designer. I am looking for a specific logo for the new Guerilla Red Team Section of the blog (read at the end of the rant the notes on why I need a logo).
Several design companies responded in Twitter and after checking their websites I desided to ask one of those companies for more information. Their website looked professional and the logos (and other desigs) I saw there looked great. I will refrain from mentioning who they are because they do have a business and for some people their model work, for us? Not so much.

After some emails back and forth, we agreed to start working on this. I sent them a detailed description of what I needed (a simple logo, continuing with the idea Oni/Hannya Mask of the current logo, maybe with some Samurai details, a logo that has to be simple so it can be scaled down to be an icon on a computer or phone or website, scaled up so it can be part of a background or a poster, a black and white design that can be used with either dark or light backgrounds and simple enough that can be embroidered on clothing or a patch). We were very detailed in what we needed and we even sent examples of images or logos that would fit the model. We strongly pointed at this as a LOGO.
Their answer was: oh, that's not too complicated. We will have two possible desings for you in 48 hours, and 4 possible reviews. You pay half upfront and the other half when the logo is ready.


Well, in actually 36 hours in, I receive in an email stating that they need more time to work on the details that for the rendering. OK, if it's going to be a good design, sure. At this point I haven't even seen any drafts or ideas from them.
Friday comes and no news. Then Satuday and I get an email: I will be in the office today and we'll get the desing ready by Monday for you. I asked for a draft, but no reply.

Fast forward to Monday noon. I send an email for a SITREP, but no answer. At around 8pm, almost 4 "business" days since they started working on this I get an email with the designs.

They send me an icon-sized image of the designs. I swear I can barely see anything.

The designs were as far from the one requested as they can possible be. Sure, they had a japanese theme to them, but the amount of details, the complexity, the colors... Nothing matched. They were fantastic works of art, sure. Highly detailed (as much as I could see from the small size they sent us) samurai armor helmets and face maks, but forget about using them as logos, about scaling them down, about embroidery, about fitting for both dark and light environments. None of the designs requests were there.

We sent an email and a few hours later we received a reply with an apology and that they would work on this first thing on Tue. That it could take from a few hours and up to 24 hours for the "review" to happen. I wrote that I didn't want a "review" of these logos, I wanted an actual logo based on what we requested. Thet say: we'll have it for you.

By the end of the day yesterday I had nothing. So I wrote them back and I stated how we worked in the past with other logo designers and that within 3-4 hours we had the logo pretty much designed and it all started with a simple draft. But they reply: we don't do draft, we design and we render and we send it to you and we have other customers that we are working with as well so please be patient.


It's been more than 24 hours. And no email or designs or anytning from them.

As of the time of this writing, we began working with a reader that had done other logos for us and he is (DG) is a great guy to work with.

Given than we payed half, we will wait to see the "revision" that they will send, we hope today. If again they fail to deliver, we'll see what we do.

If we were to tell a customer that we'll have his project done by a certain date and we ask for more time and still we don't deliver, we would be working double time to make sure the customer has the best in less than 24 hour. But hey...

This is really no way to do business, especilly after writing lenghty emails about how they are superior to other designers and that quality of service is paramount.


Notes: why we need a logo.
Every person that sends a story to the Guerilla Red Team Section, will get a special card we are crafting. This card will make that person or organization a member of a community we are trying to put together, an organization to help promote the need for red teaming, and an organization that will help its members when they need red teaming services from any members. Stay tuned for more information.