Using Cobalt Strike

I've posted before about a great tool for red team collaboration and attack called Cobalt Strike.

Cobalt Strike, written by Raphael Mudge, is a collection of threat emulation tools that work with the Metasploit Framework. Cobalt Strike helps you get a foothold in a network and quietly keep it. Its post-exploitation tools help you demonstrate what a sophisticated attacker can do. It also generates professional reports at the end of your engagements.

I tried it a few weeks back and I found it to be a great tool to have in the digital arsenal. I especially liked the antivirus bypass features and other evasion tools. It really makes the use of Metasploit easier and allows you to manage the different systems found with your team. Really cool tool.

The GUI is a not difficult to learn and its handling of multiple shell listeners in one place was a really good thing to have.

I highly recommend this to not only red teamers, but every pentester out there.

The video below demos some of the features.