Red Teaming The Workplace Violence Shooter and The "MR. Uncomfortable Factor" |

Our friends at the Law Enforcement and Security Consulting have a great blog post that I think might interest all of you.

I very interesting article by Christine Byers of the ST Louis Post Dispatch that fitting with street level red teaming. The concept of researching people their behavior and threats they may pose is the bedrock to the prevention of violence. Are their risks involved? Absolutely there are risks but with the right people from cross disciplines working together to analyse threats can get folks the help they may need and possibly prevent violence from occurring. This threat assessment approach when balanced with individual rights is an outstanding way to explore situations and look for the pre-incident indicators and options in dealing with potential stressed and anxiety ridden people with poor coping skills who may be spiraling towards self-destructive or violent behavior. I felt this article was worth sharing with those who frequent this blog. Stay Oriented!