Recon with iOS devices

Like a mentioned a few days ago, I am in the process of finishing an iPhone and iPad app that its sole purpose is helping during the physical recon of a target.

The idea started after getting tired of having to rely on different apps on my devices to perform the different tasks.
Don't get me wrong, these are fantastic apps, but I wanted a unified app that can handle everything and compartmentalize it, secure it and provide support to red team members in the field.

Let's see what I use currently for the recon.

One of the things I like to do is take notes about everything I observe. I use the simple and yet powerful Pop to take field notes.

Pop for iOS

I just jot there any information I think is relevant.
From the same developers, I use Ink to draw sketches while casing a site: doors, windows, infil points, cameras. In the picture below the circle with rays are cameras.

Ink for iOS

Granted, I am not a good artist. Ink works better on an iPad where the bigger screen is a plus. The picture above was draw on an iPhone.

A good app I like to use for network scanning is Fing. It provides network and devices discovery and port scanning with a simple interface. Check the screenshot below (from the App Store).

Finally, I use an SSH client on my iPad to connect to both my servers and any other systems I find along the way while scanning the site for open wireless or bluetooth. I tried running this on an iPhone but the smaller screen makes it hard. I use Prompt for the iPad (though you can run it on an iPhone).

Prompt for iPad

I use other little utilities on both my iPhone and iPad, like 1Password for taking secure notes when needed and keep all my passwords safe, a geo tagging app that ads GPS coordinates for pictures a secure IM to communicate with the other team members.

My hope is that the Red Teams App will combine notes, sketches, SSH, stumbler and picture annotation features in one simple, easy to use app.

Stay tuned.