Quick and Useful Tricks for Analyzing Binaries for Pen Testers | SANS Pentesting

This is a quick intro to using some of the readily available tools on Linux and Windows to begin analyzing that suspected binary file.

I think this series of posts has the potential of being very interesting to people the just began their work in the security world.

In the article below, Yori Kvitchko kicks off a series of brief posts about quick and dirty but very useful techniques pen testers can apply to analyze stand-alone files (such as binaries, Flash files, etc.) that they encounter in penetration tests. There is a treasure trove of info in most stand-alone files you'll encounter, and the ability to quickly go through those files to pry out their secrets is hugely helpful in penetration tests. It's surprising how valuable these techniques really are in pen testing, given how easy they are to do. In this article, Yori focuses on looking for communication streams