Question from a reader

This is a question a reader sent and since it has been asked before many times I thought I'd answer it here.


What is your reasoning behind Mac over Windows or a Linux OS?


Well, I am a UNIX man, I've been one for a long, long time. Windows is a piece of crap. Sure, it lets you code excellent attack code and exploits due to their rich APIs, but as an OS is mediocre at best. It freezes and doesn't perform. Add to that the crappy PC hardware that most manufacturers use and you have a really bad platform.
Then Linux. I was a huge fan of Linux. Some of my code is even in different Linux Distros. The key of why I don't use it: different Linux Distros and lack of unified effort. I got tired of having to work super hard to set the most simple of tasks, like proper wireless support, or USB support, or sound support, or display, etc, etc. Then each distro has its crap and then each developer has his own idea of what things should look like or behave like... The result, a fractured OS that has the potential of being great, but it's not. I got tired of that.
Then, when Apple got rid of the horrible Mac OS 9 and based the next version on BSD, a powerful UNIX-like OS and added a UI that was impressive while maintaining the power of UNIX I was all in. Add that the quality hardware, solid customer support and seamless integration of hardware and software and you have, in my opinion, a great platform.

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