Operational Guidelines - Compressed Version

  • Keep your cover identities isolated from each other
  • Maintain cautious habits, be paranoid.
  • Do not keep a regular schedule that can give you away, randomize
  • DO NOT KEEP NOTES: not on paper, not on digital form
  • Don’t use your real name or a version of it as a handle, nickname, etc
  • Don’t reveal information about atmospherics such as identifying places, weather, political events, etc
  • Don’t reveal information about your real self: tattoos, identifying marks, your place of origin, age, etc
  • Keep a layered defense
  • Be tidy, make sure everything is put away
  • When using comms, don’t be explicit and don’t use code
  • Use TOR or other anonymizing service for internet, but remember: TOR connection to a VPN or other proxy is OK, VPN or proxy connection to TOR, is not
  • Never use the primary cover alias as an internet handle or user, use secondary, tertiary, etc.
  • Practice: Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong

Read the guidelines here.