Offensive Information Warfare, Intelligence Gathering and Direct Action Operations Using Red Teams

I posted this before, but since I have finished the paper titled Offensive information warfare, intelligence gathering and direct action operations using Red Teams I thought it'd be good to post it again. I'll post a link to the paper once I have it properly formatted and it's been cleared for viewing.

My intension with this paper is to open the door for the use of Red Teams, the Red Team Mindset and Red Teams related techniques in the current war on terrorism, combating criminals and generally assisting special operations and law enforcement.

Here's the TOC:

1- Intro

  • What is a Red Team, history, use in the military and civilian worlds.

2- The concept

  • Creating red teams to augment any unit: for intel gathering, for digital DA (direct action), for physical and digital surveillance and penetration, and for offensive information and digital warfare.
  • Supporting the current war on terror.
  • Alternatively some of these teams will also excel in hardware and gadget building to support either the teams or the unit they are attached to.
  • The units these teams would be attached may include: US Military special operations forces (SOF), intelligence organizations, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and police departments.

3- Team structure

  • A team is commanded (or managed) by a senior operative that reports directly to the commander of the unit they are attached to.
  • Each team is divided in Team Alpha and Team Bravo. Alpha are the "boots on the ground" and Bravo are the intel gathering personnel.
  • Each team is composed of 10 people. Alpha has a manager, a senior hacker, a junior hacker, a senior physical security expert and a junior physical security expert. Bravo has a manager and four senior hackers. Each person has a specialty, however on Alpha each person should be able to perform each other's activities.
  • There is no bureaucracy. There are not "request forms" or "committees" or any other form of bureaucratic crap. If a team needs something it gets it. If a teams needs to penetrate a system in order to supply valuable intel, it does it. All within the boundaries of the law. This is done to avoid the dead traps set by the slow moving organizations such as the CIA or the FBI.

4- Activities

  • Detailed information on how the red team will operate while conducting the activities mentioned in 2) (The concept).

5- Proof of concept

  • A fictitious operation detailing how a team would operate as an actionable intelligence collection team and as a DA augmenting team.

6- Conclusion

  • Why a red team can bring invaluable help to current efforts in the war on terror and help fighting criminals.
  • What the future might bring.