Nathan Edmondson, writer of ‘The Activity,’ reveals the top 5 crazy secrets he’s learned researching American intelligence

Not related to Red Teams but fun to read nonetheless. Nathan Edmondson, the writer behind The Activity speaks about the things he and Mitch Gerads (the artist that brings to life the operators of Team Omaha at The Activity) learned after researching the world of black ops and special operations where ISA lives.

By the way, if you haven't read The Activity, you are not in the know.

Nathan and Mitch are good friends and avid Red Teams readers. Check the article.

The series follows a group of operators known as Team Omaha as they carry out missions in dangerous places throughout the globe. In one issue, they’re tasked to rescue a hostage in Somalia. In another, the group is shipped to Colombia to deal with a drug lord.

The stories are often based on actual missions conducted by the Army’s Intelligence Support Activity. Edmondson has done loads of research to get the language, the tactics, the technology, the procedures and the personalities exactly right. He’s read shelves full of books and talked to sources in the intelligence world. So what has he learned?