Learn to “Think Like the Adversary” - Webinar by Rob DuBois

TiLA was originally based on retired Navy SEAL Rob DuBois’ Red Team work as a traveling terrorist operations expert, targeting American interests worldwide to reveal vulnerabilities for security improvement.

After years of masterminding terrorist attacks against American forces in the United States, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador and elsewhere, Rob realized that what was missing was a simple seminar to help antiterrorism officers see the weaknesses in their own installations more effectively…through the enemy’s eyes. He developed the process called “Think Like the Terrorist” and began teaching these concepts in places like Kabul, Brussels, London, Baghdad, Fallujah and Abu Ghraib prison.

Rob quickly discovered that this unconventional, inward-looking approach to security assurance was useful not only for military units, but also for federal law enforcement. Then followed sessions with the Fort Knox Mint Police leadership cadre, the National Counterterrorism Center, and local sheriff o. perations in the American heartland. When Rob was eventually asked to deliver Think Like the Terrorist corporation-wide to a Fortune 500 company, it was obvious that “TiLT” held value for anyone desiring to become safer for themselves, their families, or their organizations; TiLT was expanded to become Think Like the Adversary.

I know Rob personally. He is one of the most interesting and straight forward persons out there. He knows red teaming on a whole different level.

His book Powerful Peace is one of those books I think every person in the world should read.

I'm already registered for the course.